Nearly 60% of all commercial utility consumers are being overcharged on their utility bills and don’t know it. Let TriStem make sure you aren’t another statistic.


Benefits of Utility Bill Audits

We offer auditing services to government, business and industrial consumers to ensure that you are receiving what you pay for when it comes to utility bills. Furthermore, we will go through your past billings and recover errors that are not easily detectable to the untrained eye. We work on a contingency fee basis so there is no risk to you as our client.


Have your utility bill accounts reconciled by utility bill experts.


Identify ongoing billing errors and savings opportunities on your utility bills.


Our professionals negotiate with utility companies on your behalf.


Save your organization money on future utility costs.


Receive refunds now for errors we find on your utility bills.


Have peace of mind that you are being billed correctly on your utilities.

Why Choose TriStem

1. We have been in business for 40 years. EXPERIENCE. We have seen hundreds of different types of billing errors, and know what to look for and where to find them.

2. We go the extra mile. Our audits include site visits to check your meters and facilities to ensure they match what is being billed. Other in-experienced companies that claim to audit your bills, only go for the “low hanging fruit.” 

3. We have connections. We have been working in the industry long enough to have developed ongoing relationships with utility companies, and other partners within the industry. We know who to contact to get things done.

4. We are a small company with big results. Since we are small, we are able to give you the attention you deserve. You will be able to contact us with any questions you have. We are easy to get a hold of and quick to respond. 

5. Utility Bill Audits are our main service. This has been our main service for 40 years. Other companies in the industry come to us for our expertise. Some companies add on utility audits as a service, but have little to no experience and do not get the results you deserve. Software that claims to audit your bills does not have the capability to identify the range and complexity of errors and savings opportunities that are possible. Other companies and software programs that claim to audit your bills also do not make site visits to physically check your meters, like we do. With a TriStem utility bill audit, you will have a team of experienced auditors analyzing your bills, performing field work, and recovering overcharges on your behalf.

6. Members of the Texas Energy Managers Association & BBB A+ Rating.


We perform historical billing audits and rate analysis for electric, water/sewer, gas, telecom, & waste accounts.

Electric Bill Audits

TriStem will analyze your electric bills, and isolate any errors or overcharges. We will then work with the utility provider to obtain any refunds, credits, and savings that are due.

Water/ Sewer Bill Audits

Tristem can also audit the water/sewer your entity pays each month to ensure each bill is correct. The audit will include a review and analysis of current and prior billings for water/sewer services received and paid by the client.

Street Light Bill Audits

Another facet of your electric bill are your street lights. Due to so many factors determining the billing for EACH light EACH month, the billing matrix for street lights is complicated. TriStem has the expertise to make sure your lighting bills are correct.

Telecom Bill Audits

Tristem also performs telephone bill audits. Telecom audits include a review and tariff analysis of current and prior billings for telecommunication services received and paid by the client, along with Identification any over-billings and filing a comprehensive claim with the appropriate utility.

Waste Bill Audits

Waste providers often overcharge consumers on rates, and unneeded services. There are also other opportunities for savings such as recycling programs.  Our auditors will verify that you are not being overcharged on taxes and fees while making sure you are on the best rate going forward.

Franchise Fee Audits

TriStem performs franchise fee audits for municipalities to ensure that you are receiving the correct amount of franchise revenue from each utility company.


Aside from utility bill audits, we also provide the following services:

Power Factor Correction

In many service areas, low power factor results in power factor penalties on your account. This can be corrected with the installation of a power factor capacitor. We have an experienced partner who specializes in power factor correction.

Commercial Electric Plans

We can help small, medium & large businesses obtain pricing and guide you through your next energy contract renewal. We are brokers for several Retail Electric Providers in the State of Texas. We also have partners who procure energy outside of Texas.

Predominant Use Studies

Manufacturers can be exempt from sales tax on their utility bills in certain states. However a predominant usage study must be done by a qualified engineer to verify that most energy consumed is for production purposes.


We won't disturb your daily operations

Above all, our goal at TriStem is to save you money. We perform the audits in-house. Aside from a few initial items needed from you to begin the audit, and a few questions along the way, we won’t ask you, the client, for any additional resources. 

Utility Bill Audit Process

All client information is confidential. We treat your relationship with your utility providers with respect and keep you updated and informed about your audit’s progress.


Data Collection

Obtain checklist data from client and letter of authorization to contact utility companies. Send requests to utility companies for historical billing data.


Initial Review

Review one month’s bills for taxes and fees billed in error.


Send Claims for Refunds

TriStem will send claims for refunds as soon as we identify billing errors. We will verify that billing errors are corrected and all refund money is sent to you, the client.


In-Depth Review

After we obtain historical billing data, we perform an in-depth analysis to idenitfy additional billing errors. At this point we will perform field work as necessary.


Additional Claims

Finally, additional claims for refunds and savings measures are taken as a result of field work and in-depth review.


Final Report

After all billing errors are corrected and savings measures are implemented, we will send you a final report detailing the results of the audit.



Read the book written by our founder, Joe Seeber, Wired for Greed – The Shocking Truth About America’s Utility Companies.






 Read the New York Times Article about our founder, Joe Seeber. 

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