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TriStem audits utility bills for large consumers of electricity. Recoveries and savings that have accrued to TriStem’s clients are in the hundreds of millions of dollars. No other company in the U.S. can match TriStem’s record. Utility bill audits is what we do. 

Utility Bill Advocates since 1979.

Our Story

TriStem is a business which has called Texas home for 40 years. Rather, our experience goes far beyond Texas borders. We have had clients in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Our past clients include state agencies in Oregon, Nebraska, Washington, Arizona, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, and Michigan. Also, our Federal clients include the General Services Administration, United States Postal Service, Coast Guard, and Veterans’ Administration Hospitals.

Our Stats

Above all, TriStem’s experience sets us above and beyond our competitors. With over 100 years combined experience auditing utility bills, our staff can identify a wide range of errors that other utility audit companies and software programs miss. Many companies are adding utility bill audits to expand their services. In contrast, utility bill audits have always been and will always be our specialty. 

Utility Companies Worked With
Accounts Reviewed
$ +
Million Dollars in Refunds & Savings Obtained for our Clients

Our Vision

TriStem will create solutions that empower consumers to take control of their utility costs. Investing in relationships and knowledge, we will grow a team dedicated to understanding the unique energy needs of our clients, helping them identify and achieve efficiency and financial goals, while exceeding the expectations of all our stakeholders. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring peace of mind to each client – you are entitled to the security of knowing that you have not paid and will not pay more than necessary for your utility services. Deregulation empowers consumers while also leaving them at greater risks. For that reason, TriStem is committed to the highest level of professionalism and integrity while conducting its audits and helping clients understand their utility bills. 

Core Values

G ive back

R eslience

I nnovation

I ndustry Leader

D etermination

              D eveloping relationships


TriStem Team

Joe Seeber
- Owner & Founder

Joe Seeber is the owner and founder of TriStem. He holds a Business degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. Mr. Seeber founded TriStem in 1979 and has since conducted and/or supervised hundreds of audits for clients, recovering millions of dollars in overcharges and over-payments. As a result of his work, legislation has been written to allow consumers to obtain interest on overcharges on electric bills in the State of Texas. Mr. Seeber is also the author of Wired for Greed - The Shocking Truth About America's Electric Utilities.

Elaine Seeber
Director of Operations

Elaine Seeber is the Director of Operations at TriStem. She is in charge of making sure the office runs smoothly. She is also in charge of several aspects of sales and accounting.  Elaine has many years  management experience at Hillcrest Hospital in Waco Texas. After retiring from Hillcrest she became more involved in the operations at TriStem and is dedicated to helping the company thrive. Aside from serving as Director of Operations at TriStem, she volunteers at Waco Community Development.


Courtney Lopez
- Director of Auditing
Certified Energy Management Professional

Courtney has been with TriStem for over 7 years and is in charge of managing several audits. She performs the initial review for each audit and files claims as necessary, working closely with the utility providers to ensure the claims on billing errors are received and processed as quickly and correctly. She also corresponds with clients to obtain information needed to verify billing errors. Courtney will perform in-depth audit procedures under the guidance of the president. In addition to that, she has many hours experience with street light audits and street light field work. Courtney holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

Brandon Woodliff
Audit Field Technician

Brandon uses his business administrative skills to organize street light and meter data into TriStem's proprietary audit database. He prepares field work and performs street light audits for clients as needed. His attention to detail has led to many lighting refunds for our clients. After performing field audits, the data is collected and prepared for the auditor. Brandon has spent hours in the field counting, searching and identifying street lights for our clients in several states. 

Cindy Shapley
Assistant Auditor

Cindy has over 20 years experience in the banking industry and uses her expertise with spreadsheets and numbers to contribute to the audits. She works closely with the Auditor to compile data for analysis from each and every bill. The Assistant Auditor researches account usage, billing and facility information, as well as prepares documentation for on-site visits, under the direction of the Auditor. In addition, Cindy's excellent communication skills allow her to communicate effectively with utility companies and clients to obtain historical records and rates from the utility companies for analysis.

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