Top 3 Reasons to Conduct a Utility Bill Audit

Check out this AWESOME video from the Michigan Chamber of Commerce about utility bill audits. I’m not sure what utility bill audit firm they partnered with to do the video (it wasn’t TriStem), but it is a very informative video nonetheless! Most people have never heard of utility bill audits, or think that what we […]

TriStem Can Help With Budget Shortfalls!

Utility Bill Audits – A No Risk Service No Recovery = No Fee TriStem can help put funds back into your budget, and our fee is self funding. We are a business which has called Texas home for 40 years. But our experience goes far beyond Texas borders. We have clients in all 50 states, […]

Comcast forced to pay refunds on hidden fees

As a utility bill auditor at TriStem, this is not surprising! Some companies will nickel and dime you to death. We are here to help! TriStem verifies that each nickel and dime you are billed is correct. If we find errors, we spend hours putting together claims for our clients to get them refunds on […]

Tristem Telecom Auditors

How to save money on your business phone bill One way to save money on your phone bill is to have it looked at by a professional. Telecom auditors can review your bill in depth to determine if you have been overcharged in the past and see if you qualify for savings on future bills. […]