City of Killeen Street Light Field Work

TriStem recently completed a review of the City of Killeen and the City of Copperas Cove’s guard lights. As a part of our audits, we go out in the field to check the accuracy of the our clients’ lighting bills. These field visits are always full of surprises!

We found several broken lights and a strange twisted light. Approximately 10% of the lights we checked were broken or missing the dome. This is alarming considering that street light maintenance is included in the cost per light.

Aside from the broken lights, we came across a field of sunflowers, a strange assortment of stop signs, and a gaggle of geese! There was even a guard light located in the middle of the field of sunflowers with vines growing up the side. We hope that light is not included in the City’s bill.  One of the sunflowers made it all the way back to Waco, to brighten up the office! Thank you City of Killeen and City of Copperas Cove for letting TriStem be of service to you and your citizens!