CPS – Sample Rebate Metrics

Program Highlights

• “Big 4” Approach and Methodology – Back Office Subject Matter Expert

• CPS Owns & Maintains its Proprietary Technology & Processes

• Allows for Real-Time Card Payment Type Determination

• Highest Vendor Enrollment in the Industry

• One-to-One Payments, Number-to-Cleared Payments Regardless of Type

• Implementation Within 2 Weeks With Minimal Client Resource Commitment

• No Cost for Implementation or Ongoing Support

Sample Rebate Metrics*

Industry Leading Payment Efficiencies = Greatest Revenue Return 3x Industry Average Enrollment

“CPS had us up and running 10 days after signing the contract. The first month rebate was $28,000 and the second month was $45,000.”
- Controller, 250-bed hospital Pennsylvania

“We are a small radiology group that only has $15M in annual AP spend. However, CPS treated us as if we were a large 1000 bed hospital. Their professionalism and ePayment Solution exceeded our expectations. We have since rolled out their solution to 3 other groups.”
- CFO, Multi-Location Radiology Group
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