Good Luck to Our Street Light Auditors in Jefferson Parish!

I just wanted to send a quick shout-out to our street light field workers in Jefferson Parish today. They travelled from Waco, TX to Jefferson Parish, LA earlier this week to perform a field check for the street light audit we are doing for the Parish. They are doing a great job checking the lights to make sure they are there and operating as they should be. Not only does this help the citizens of Jefferson Parish stay safe on the streets, but we are also hoping to save the tax payers money on any street light overbillings we find. We have received reports back that there has been rain, but it has not stopped our auditors’ efforts.

We also received a couple photos back from them of some beautiful street art in the Parish and a neat restaurant called Frostop that had 3 slot machines inside the restaurant! This is something you do not see here in Texas. Good luck street light auditors and thank you Jefferson Parish for allowing TriStem to audit your utility bills!