Happy Thanksgiving from TriStem

Thanksgiving is here! TriStem is thankful for all of our business partners and clients and friends. We have been able to save our clients money on their utility bills and get them refunds for overcharges all throughout 2018! Without you, we wouldn’t be here. It’s amazing to think of all of the perks of modern society we have that we take for granted, like electricity, gas, water, telephone service, & waste services. None of those things existed during the first Thanksgiving in 1621!

TriStem would not exist without those services either. Utility companies are responsible for billing millions of customers for electricity, gas, water, telephone service & waste service. When there are millions of bills to process each day, mistakes happen, things get overlooked and customers get overcharged. We are here to find the mistakes and get you your money back. Most people think, well it probably won’t happen to me. Our targeted audits find overbillings on utility bills on over 80% of customers within the following categories:

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Businesses
  • Non-profits
  • Schools & Universities
  • Churches
  • Hospitals & Residential Nursing Homes

If you fall within one of those categories and would like some extra turkey money next year, call or email us today for a free preview!



Interesting Energy Related Turkey Facts

And now, following that shameless plug, here are a few interesting links to read after you have taken in the tryptophan.

  • Apparently Benjamin Franklin once tried to cook a turkey by electrocution. Read more here.
  • Energy consumption drops off in the evening on Thanksgiving day as tryptophan sets in. The Bonneville Power Administration created the following graph to illustrate the effect. Read more here.

  • Here is a neat way to think about conserving energy on Thanksgiving from UCSD.


Happy Thanksgiving!