Deregulation by State

This up-to-date map shows deregulated electric and gas markets in the US as of 2018.  Keep in mind that no state has an energy market that is completely deregulated.  The closest state is Texas with approximately 85% of the state having access to energy choice.







AlabamaNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
AlaskaNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
ArizonaNoN/ANoN/AIn 2004 energy regulation was placed on hold due to various regulatory orders.
ArkansasNoN/ANoN/AIn 2003 Bill 1114 was signed to reverse energy deregulation laws.
CaliforniaYes1995Yes*N/A*California’s electric choice works on a very limited lottery system called DirectAcccess.
ColoradoYes1999NoN/AColorado is Natural Gas Deregulated, however no utilities currently offer choice programs.
ConnecticutYes*1996Yes1998*Gas choice is partial and very limited.
DelawareNo*N/AYes1999*Gas choice was trialed and discontinued.
FloridaYes2002NoN/ANo Comments
GeorgiaYes1998NoN/ANo Comments
HawaiiNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
IdahoNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
IllinoisYes2002Yes1997Approximately 75% of the state of Illinois is eligible for Natural Gas Choice.
IndianaYes1998NoN/ANatural Gas Choice is only available for NIPSCO customers.
IowaYes*1997NoN/A*Natural Gas Choice is only available to a small number of consumers.
KansasNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
KentuckyYes2000NoN/ANo Comments
LouisianaNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
MaineYes*1998Yes2000*Natural Gas Choice underwent more of a ‘restructuring’ process. It is only available to Industrial and Commercial consumers.
MarylandYes*1995Yes1999*Some residential, commercial and industrial customers in some areas of Maryland are not eligible for Natural Gas Choice.
MassachusettsYes1998Yes1998No Comments
MichiganYes2008Yes1998No Comments
MinnesotaNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
MississippiNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
MissouriNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
MontanaYes1986NoN/ANo Comments
NebraskaYes1998NoN/ANo Comments
NevadaNoN/ANoN/ANevada is currently campaigning to adopt energy deregulation. The status of this state could change in the near future.
New HampshireYes*1998Yes1998*New Hampshire does not offer Natural Gas Choice to residential customers at this time.
New JerseyYes1999Yes1999No Comments
New MexicoYes1980sNoN/ANatural Gas Choice is available however, participation is very limited.
New YorkYes1999Yes1997No Comments
North CarolinaNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
North DakotaNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
OhioYes1997Yes1996No Comments
OklahomaNoN/ANoN/AIn 2001 Senate Bill 440 was signed for further investigation and study of the impacts of energy deregulation.
OregonNoN/AYes1997No Comments
PennsylvaniaYes1999Yes1996No Comments
Rhode IslandYes1996Yes1996No Comments
South CarolinaNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
South DakotaYes2005NoN/ANo Comments
TennesseeNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
TexasYes*N/AYes2002Electricity deregulation is available to 85% of Texans.  *Gas choice is available to commercial customers who consumer 3,650 MCF/annually.
UtahNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
VermontNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
VirginiaYes2001Yes2007Both Natural Gas and Electric Choice programs are limited for residential consumers.
WashingtonNoN/ANoN/ANo Comments
Washington DCYes1999Yes2001No Comments
West VirginiaYes2010NoN/ANatural Gas Choice is available but participation is very limited.
WisconsinNo*N/ANoN/A*Wisconsin’s Natural Gas Choice program was discontinued in 2001.
WyomingYes*1996NoN/A*Very limited program, only one utility offers a choice program.

This page will be updated as frequently as necessary.

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