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TriStem will analyze your electric bills, and isolate any errors or overcharges. We will then work with the utility provider to obtain any refunds, credits, and savings that are due. Our only fee is a percentage of actual refunds or savings obtained.  There is no risk to you as the client on the contingency fee basis.

●   We find errors that are built into your bills

●   We make sure you are on the best rate possible

●   We check for more than 14 types of billing errors

●   We work with the utility company to obtain refunds for you

●   This has been our core business for nearly 30 years


Another facet of your electric bill are your street lights. So many factors determining the billing for EACH light EACH month. As a result, the billing matrix for street lights is complicated. TriStem has the expertise to make sure your lighting bills are correct.  During a street light audit we will:

●   Verify accuracy of your street light inventory

●   Reconcile your contract with your bills

●   Check your rates and tariffs

●   Check for errors in the type and wattage of bulb and type of pole.

●   Obtain refunds for over-billed lights



Tristem also performs telephone bill audits.  Due to the complexity of telecom bills, errors are bound to occur. Because of the complex nature of telecom bills, TriStem has been successful in obtaining refunds for our clients on their telecom bills for many years. Telecom audits include:

●  A review and tariff analysis of current and prior billings for telecommunication services received and paid by the client.

●  An analysis of the provided invoices and other pertinent records.
Gathering of other billing records as needed directly from the vendors.

●  Identification any over-billings and filing a comprehensive claim with the appropriate utility.



Tristem can also audit the water bills your entity pays each month to ensure each bill is correct.  The audit will include:

● A review and analysis of current and prior billings for water/sewer services received and paid by the client.

● An analysis of historical water/sewer usage data directly from the utility company compared to water meter characteristics.

● Identification of any over-billings and filing a comprehensive claim with the appropriate utility.



TriStem also offers audits of your waste accounts for refunds and savings. Waste providers often overcharge consumers on rates, and unneeded services. As a result, TriStem has been successful in obtaining refunds and savings for our clients on their waste accounts. In addition to that, there are also other opportunities for savings such as recycling programs. Our auditors will verify that you are not being overcharged on taxes and fees while making sure you are on the best rate going forward.


TriStem can assist you in obtaining advantageous pricing and negotiate energy contracts based on your specific energy needs. In the deregulated energy market, it is important to have someone on your side who understands the nuances of the energy industry and advocates in the best interest of the consumer. We have nearly 40 years experience in the electric industry and are well versed in energy contracts and contract management. As a result, you can be sure you are in good hands when it comes to your energy contract.


TriStem has several years experience performing franchise fee audits for municipalities. We will ensure that you are receiving accurate franchise revenue from each utility company in your city. Since many factors go into the calculation of franchise fees, often times updated records are overlooked and lead to underpayment of franchise fees by utility companies. As a result, we have found many instances where a city is owed additional franchise revenues.


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