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TriStem is a team of dedicated professionals passionate about bringing awareness to the challenges consumers face in regard to utility cost containment, billing practices and accountability. We strive to provide the very best service for our clients and proof of our dedication is evident in our results

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"Tri-Stem has been one of the best things that has happened to the City of Brownwood in a long time. They have helped us to recover over-billings in electricity and communication charges and savings going forward that were very significant.  They have been very professional, diligent and hard-working.  We could not be more pleased with our relationship."
Walter Middleton, Finance Director
City of Brownwood
"During this engagement the City has found TriStem to be a highly reputable company.  TriStem’s staff possesses a broad knowledge of utility operations, rates, pricing and billing practices. . . . Thus far, the City has been issued two large refund checks with other refunds pending.  We now pay less for electricity today than in the past. Of course, the true beneficiaries of TriStem’s work are the citizens of St. Louis."
Joseph K. Kuss, P.E., Deputy City Engineer
City of St. Louis
"Thanks for the excellent communication and follow-up. Bureaucracies have their rules and they usually serve to daunt someone to the point they give up. You haven't and we are so grateful."
Susan Cowley
Talitha Koum Institute
"As a result of TriStem’s audit the Department received refunds from the utility provider of $193,228.00.  In addition, the correction of the billing errors will now save the Department $72,460.00 per year . . . We were pleased to receive the refund with no up-front cost to us . . . We would not have been able to identify these billing errors without TriStem’s help.  I was very pleased with and recommend the service TriStem provides."
Cherie Randall, Construction Manager
Arizona Department of Corrections
“I would highly recommend TriStem as a potential business partner.  We found them to be a professional organization at all levels along with a highly skilled auditing staff. . . . They were successful in obtaining refunds and credits for the Postal Service of approximately $3.8 million. . . . you will not be disappointed in their service nor the results.”
Jeffrey A. Kaufman, Contracting Officer
United States Postal Service

Happy Clients!

Below are just a few examples of monies TriStem has helped clients recover from a combined electric, street light, gas and water audits. In addition, TriStem has helped many realize significant savings on future billings. 



City of New Orleans, LA (2001-2004)$9,227,000
City of New Orleans, LA (1994)$6,200,000
U.S. Postal Service (NY & NJ)$3,401,977
City of St. Louis, MO$1,878,031
U.S. General Services Administration$1,509,477
Texas Department of Transportation$1,500,000
Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans$1,050,000
Texas Tech University$1,044,000
City of Fort Stockton, TX$944,261
City of Houston, TX$717,158
City of Savannah, GA$550,000
Michigan Department of Transportation$424,608
Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development$408,819
City of Las Vegas, NV$321,911
City of Tyler, TX$305,219
City of Scottsdale, AZ$278,129
City of Abilene, TX$256,334
City of Nacogdoches, TX$239,495
La Joya ISD, TX (1997 & 2008)$236,199
Jefferson County, TX$200,000
Arizona Department of Corrections$193,229
City of Longview, TX$128,156
Los Fresnos Consolidated ISD, TX$128,145
City of Sherman, TX$122,626
Arizona Department of Transportation$106,000
Pasadena ISD, TX$105,198
City of Overland Park, KS$81,550
City of Lufkin, TX$75,694
City of Arlington Heights, IL$72,481
Kansas City Aviation Department, MO$66,698
City of Avandale, AZ$33,476
City of Rome, GA$32,031
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City of New Orleans

This was a very unusual case, to say the least. There were serious billing issues including street light overcharges and maintenance not done on some of the 54,000 street lights in the City.
As a result of TriStem’s work, the City of New Orleans recovered $15 million over a 10 year span, primarily in street lighting and maintenance overcharges.
The City of New Orleans continues to benefit on a monthly basis from TriStem’s work. At the conclusion of the audit, the City was saving over $500,000 annually, and all of it’s accounts were being billed at the proper rate schedules. Faulty meters were replaced, and the City obtained the first detailed inventory of street and highway lighting in more than 20 years. Also as a result of TriStem’s work, the utility company agreed to bring street light maintenance up to an acceptable standard.


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City of Las Vegas

TriStem’s work for the City of Las Vegas commenced in November 2007. The audit scope covered approximately 3,000 electric accounts with $255,000 spent monthly on street lights. The review included current and historical billing records, utility providers’ rates and tariffs, Nevada Administrative Code and Nevada Revised Statues’ provisions applicable to utility billing, and various facility records provided by the City.
On site comparisons of the utility provider’s inventory to the lights on the street revealed a 53% error rate on billing for unmetered lights. TriStem also found 41 metered lighting accounts had been overbilled every month for at least 6 years, resulting in a $252,582 refund to the City. Negotiations are on-going for unmetered lighting errors, estimated at $200,000+.


Other Clients we have helped:

-Abilene, TX
-Arlington, TX
-Beaumont, TX
-Corpus Christi, TX
-Fort Stockton, TX
-Houston, TX
-Killeen, TX
-St. Louis, TX
-San Angelo, TX
-Savannah, GA
-Scottsdale, AZ
-Tyler, TX
and countless others.


Why Hire TriStem?

TriStem has building 32 years of experience in auditing utility bills. Street light bill audits are extremely specialized. Other utility bill audit firms come to us for our expertise. Hundreds of hours are spent analyzing documents in-house. Depending on the suspected errors, several days to several weeks are spent in the field to verify billing records. When you hire TriStem, you are getting a valuable service not found anywhere else. Call TriStem today at 800-237-7937 for your free consultation!