TEPA Monthly Meeting – Oncor Portal

Greetings utility consumers! We had a great time at the monthly TEPA meeting in Dallas, TX at the Hotel Zaza, sponsored by Engie, and wanted to share the news with you. For those who are not familiar with TEPA, it stands for The Energy Professionals Association. TriStem is a member of this great organization that brings together Aggregators, Brokers, Utility Consultants and Utility Companies to learn how to better serve our clients. Here is a link to their website:

TEPA – The Energy Professionals Association

At this meeting we learned that Oncor has created an online portal for Aggregators, Brokers, & Utility Consultants specifically for obtaining historical billing data. This is great news, considering that monthly historical billing data is needed in our business for many different reasons, such as:

  • Reviewing historical consumption for billing errors and discrepancies.
  • Providing historical usage data to REP’s for energy procurement quotes.
  • Analyzing load and power factor for efficiency problems.

This is great news for our clients because it allows us to obtain the historical usage quickly and analyze their bills faster (for those in Oncor territory). Hopefully other Utilities and REP’s will follow Oncor’s footsteps and create similar portals for aggregators, brokers and consultants (ABC’s). The number of ABC’s has increased drastically over the past 10 years due to the impact of deregulated energy markets. It is important to have energy experts, like the team at TriStem, to analyze your bills for errors and make sure you are on the best rate possible.

We also learned how to enroll customers in the My Oncor Alerts system which notifies customers of outages via text, email or voice. If you are having an outage, there is a way to report this information to Oncor online. See brochure below.

Aside from learning about Oncor’s portal and My Oncor Alerts, we were able to meet and speak with a few great folks who work at Hudson Energy. Hotel Zaza had a unique atmosphere and the staff was very accommodating. Thank you TEPA, Oncor, Hotel Zaza, & Engie for the great meeting!



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