Tristem Telecom Auditors

How to save money on your business phone bill

One way to save money on your phone bill is to have it looked at by a professional. Telecom auditors can review your bill in depth to determine if you have been overcharged in the past and see if you qualify for savings on future bills.

What is a Telecom Audit

What is a telecom audit? Telecom auditors are experts in telephone, cell phone, and communications billing. Organizations with many phone bills, often overlook the detailed charges on the bill. During a telecom audit, the telecom auditor will review each account and determine if it is being billed correctly. The removal or reduction of circuits, lines and services, as well as recommendations to reduce billings result in savings and refunds for your company. Most telecom audits are contingent fee based. With this fee structure, you only pay the auditor if he or she is able to find you refunds or savings. If no refunds or savings are found, you pay nothing.

Telecom Auditors

At TriStem, we have a telecom auditor that we have been working with for 20+ years, who is an expert in the industry. Since 2011, our telecom auditor has obtained refunds for overcharges for our clients totaling in $829,213 and 348,420 respectively. Tristem LTD specializes in telecom bill auditing in order to win our clients back what is owed to them from utility companies. As well as earn them future savings for years to come!

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