Vintage Find at TriStem Today!

80's brochure

We were going through our old files and found this treasure! It is a TriStem folder brochure from the 80’s. Did you know that TriStem has been in business in Waco, Texas since 1979? Yes, it is true. TriStem and Joe Seeber have been auditing utility bills for 40 years! Judging by the brochure, not much has changed! Utility companies are still overcharging customers and we are still helping our clients save thousands and thousands on their utility bills.

80's brochure
Cover of the Brochure. I love the gold!

Savings Are Our Product – Representing You is Our Business

40 years later, savings are still our product and representing YOU is our business. We are advocates for our clients on their utility bills. We make sure you have not been and will not be overcharged for your utility bills. We find refunds and savings for our clients every day. This has been our core business for 40 years.

tristem utility bill audit brochure
Inside the brochure
tristem brochure
TriStem Vintage Brochure
tristem brochure vintage
Back of Brochure

Utility Bill Auditor with 40 Years Experience

Yes, we have 40 years of experience auditing utility bills for consumers. Most utility bill auditors cannot say that. TriStem has been around longer than most. Here’s to 40 more years!