From the Founder

For more than 40 years TriStem has been an advocate for consumers of electric power. Terms, measurement, complicated tariffs, confusing bills, and the like, have made buying electric power an unfamiliar realm for virtually all consumers. “Deregulation” has made bills even more complex. 

TriStem has endeavored to help clients get fair and equitable pricing and have confidence in the accuracy of billing. “Peace of mind” for our clients has been our objective.

As a part of our service, TriStem has provided a broad spectrum of services for our clients. Listed below are a few.

  • Designed and installed Energy Management Systems (EMS). In 1983, TriStem installed more of Honeywell’s EMS in Texas than Honeywell did. TriStem was installing devices that would enable clients to monitor their electrical consumption 20 years ago.
  • Started an engineering subsidiary to assist clients in conserving and managing energy. Though now a separate entity, TriStem Engineering is a very successful and highly respected engineering firm.
  • Negotiated (or renegotiated) contracts on behalf of clients–countless numbers over the last 30 years.
  • Audited electric bills for clients–hundreds of thousands of bills.
  • Recovered overcharges for clients. Total recoveries and savings for clients exceed $500,000,000.
  • Represented clients in courts and before regulatory commissions to correct inequities when needed.
  • Sought and achieved changes in regulations for the benefit of all consumers. In Texas, utilities were not required to pay interest on overcharges when refunded until TriStem led an initiative to require that interest be paid. The effort succeeded.
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