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At TriStem, our team has served countless commercial and private businesses and entities across the US. We’ve helped thousands of clients recover over half a billion dollars in refunds and savings of energy and other utility bill costs. Many of these entities don’t have the resources to properly validate hundreds or thousands of utility invoices in house resulting in billing errors that go unrecognized. And those that outsource their energy procurement to third party brokers, very few brokers validate the invoices and fail to spot errors and overcharges that are commonplace. Even if errors are found, the recovery and resolution process can take time and resource you don’t have. TriStem’s team of experts know how to identify hidden errors in your utility billings, and we recover overpayments quickly and efficiently.

  • Government Entities:
    Municipalities including cities, towns and counties, also public transportation companies, post offices and the like.
  • Schools:
    Public schools, independent school districts, state colleges and universities
  • Non-Profits:
    Churches, dioceses and other non-profit organizations
  • Hospitals:
    Hospitals, medical centers, emergency centers, testing labs, doctors offices, medical complexes
  • Hospitality:
    Hotel chains, boutique and independently owned, entertainment venues, stadiums and concert halls
  • Manufacturers and Other Businesses:
    Industrial manufacturing, light manufacturing, restaurants, printing companies, and many other businesses

We Won't Disturb Your Operations

Bottom line, our goal at TriStem is to recover your money and save you money. We perform the audits in-house. Aside from a few initial items needed from you to begin the audit, and a few questions along the way, we won’t ask you, the client, for any additional resources. Contact us today and let us go to work for you!

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